This word (from the Latin probabilis, meaning "provable") refers to the school of moral theology that considers it permissible to follow a moral opinion that is apparently acceptable and reasonable, even though it is not certain. Unfortunately, the word "probabilism" sometimes has acquired the connotation of moral permissiveness.

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  • Probabilism — • The moral system which holds that, when there is question solely of the lawfulness or unlawfulness of an action, it is permissible to follow a solidly probable opinion in favour of liberty even though the opposing view is more probable.… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • probabilism — PROBABILÍSM s.n. Concepţie potrivit căreia nu se poate stabili cu certitudine dacă o afirmaţie este sau nu adevărată. – Din fr. probabilisme. Trimis de ana zecheru, 13.04.2004. Sursa: DEX 98  probabilísm s. n. Trimis de siveco, 10.08.2004. Sursa …   Dicționar Român

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  • probabilism — noun Etymology: French probabilisme, from Latin probabilis probable Date: circa 1843 1. a theory that in disputed moral questions any solidly probable course may be followed even though an opposed course is or appears more probable 2. a theory… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • probabilism — noun The doctrine that, in the absence of certainty, probability is the best criterion …   Wiktionary

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